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#FreeJulianAssange trending on Twitter

After UK approves Julian Assange's US extraction, Twitter is flooded with #FreeJulianAssange

Here are some tweets trending on twitter on #FreeJulianAssange

"Sweden should say sorry to Julian #Assange!!!THEY are guilty for all what happens to Julian at first!!!#FreeAssange IMMEDIATELY 🔊🔊🔊STOP THE TORTURE IMMEDIATELY 🔊🔊"

At the heart of British politics, join the Houses of Parliament Solidarity Vigil in support #WikiLeaks publisher Julian #Assange 1-3pm Wednesdays June 2022.

UK Home Secretary Patel has made her decision. This morning, she ordered Julian Assange’s extradition to the United States 💩 We must fight to death for Freedom #FreeJulianAssange ✊🏽

Perfect use of the c word in a pissed off Scots tone…spot on, John 👊#NoExtradition #FreeJulianAssange

There's no democracy of press freedom in the West.

Every independent journalists who refuses to take part in #ProjectMockingbird 2.0 should be paying very close attention. #FreeJulianAssange #JulianAssange #

"Democracy and Justice" ? ...only if it fits the American imperialism!!!Such a disgusting day for democracy and justice! 🤮🤮🤬#JulianAssange #FreeJulianAssange

Please French comrades, please, please vote on Sunday and #Vote for #JeanLucMelenchon#FreeJulianAssange He was just doing his job. If we don't rescue him, all our futures will be darker.

This man is a true hero that the US government has tortured nearly to death, and are now extraditing him to the US so they can finish the job. Julian Assange isn’t even an American. He’s Australian.