Ranveer Singh will do nude photoshoot again! Know why and for whom they are going to do this?

Ranveer Singh is in a lot of discussion these days and this discussion is not because of his films but because of his nude photoshoot. Recently, he had taken many of his pictures for an international magazine.

Ranveer Singh will do nude photoshoot again!  Know why and for whom they are going to do this?

Actor Ranveer Singh (file photo).

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Ranveer Singh is always in the headlines by the way. Recently, she did a nude photoshoot for the cover page of an international magazine ‘Paper’, due to which she was criticized a lot. Now he is in discussion once again. There are reports that Ranveer Singh has again got an offer for a nude photoshoot and this time this offer has come not from foreign soil but from ‘PETA India’.

‘PETA India’ approached Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh has been offered by ‘PETA India’, according to which he has approached Ranveer Singh for an ad campaign. Actually, PETA India wants Ranveer Singh to get an ad campaign, whose tagline is – ‘All animals have the same parts – try vegan’.

urged to promote vegetarianism

PETA India has requested Ranveer Singh to join this campaign promoting vegetarianism. The list also includes the names of those celebrities who are already associated with this campaign. The benefits of being vegan have also been explained in detail in this letter. It is written in this letter that, ‘Are you ready to join a bold advertisement of PETA India to increase kindness and compassion towards animals? The tagline of Ed has also been mentioned in this letter.

Ranveer Singh hasn’t accepted it yet

Though Ranveer Singh hasn’t accepted the offer yet, it will be interesting to see if Ranveer Singh will join PETA India like the same old nude photoshoot after so much criticism and trolling after the first photoshoot?

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Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson

Ranveer Singh is perfect for this – PETA India

After these things came to the fore in the reports, when the Vice President of Celebrity and Public Relations, PETA India was contacted and questioned about it, he said, ‘Like humans, animals also have lives. They also have feelings. He is a different personality, feels pain. He also wants to live with his family. They don’t want to die. Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh is perfect for encouraging others to be vegetarian and for the campaign to save animals.